MOTHER'S CAKE // 03.12.2021 Pogłos, Warsaw

03.12.2021 Pogłos, Warsaw

The psych-rock trio Mother's Cake - live or on record - transmit a raw and pure energy that affects people on a primal and collective level. Led by their enigmatic singer and guitarist, Yves Krismer, combined with the tight rhythm-section of Benedikt Trenkwalder and Jan Haußels, they concoct a modern and sonic progressive-rock-sound.

The latest album „Cyberfunk!” (released 18.09.2020) by the international phenomenon that is Mother’s Cake sees the psych-rock trio present itself in suitably appropriate fashion: sky high, far out yet still very much down to earth. In preparation for over a year and recorded during a series of sleep-deprived three day sessions, the group concentrate on the essentials on the ten new songs that comprise ‘Cyberfunk!’, bundling their raw live energy into a dynamically dense release that sounds like vintage madness of the best possible kind and fits the moment in perfect fashion.

“Mind-bending, colourful and trippy psyched-out jams” ROLLING STONE Magazine

The career trajectory of Mother’s Cake’s has seen them play hundreds of concerts from Manchester to Melbourne and Mumbai, including shows with Wolfmother, Iggy & The Stooges, Omar Rodriguez-López, Alice In Chains and Limp Bizkit. They have also released three successful studio albums plus a near-megalomaniacal (in the best possuble sense) ‘Live at Pompeii’-style live set recorded on the ski jump in Bergisel, Austria in 2018.

Mother's Cake