FKP Scorpio Poland is the latest member of the FKP Scorpio group of companies, which is present in Germany, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland and holds shares in Arcadia Live (Austria), Friendly Fire (Netherlands) and Smash!Bang!Pow! (Denmark).

The Polish subsidiary was established on August 1st, 2019 and is currently working on further show announcements. The team is based in Warsaw and consists of Folkert Koopmans and Filip Potocki as CEOs, Krzysztof Czarniakowski as Project Manager, Jan Brzoza as Operations Manager, Joanna Muszyńska as Marketing Manager and Kristina Rosenbusch as Assistant - Project Manager.

Shows already announced include Australian pop wonder TONES AND I, BBC's BLUE PLANET II - LIVE IN CONCERT and the Canadian band THE DEAD SOUTH, with many more to come.


Filip Potocki

Jan Brzoza

Operations Manager

Krzysztof Czarniakowski

Project Manager

Joanna Muszyńska

Marketing Manager

Kristina Rosenbusch

Project Manager