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After the debut album "Conchita" and the joint album with the Wiener Symphoniker - "From Vienna With Love" - Tom Neuwirth presents his third studio album under the project name WURST as electro-newcomer.

For the concerts "T.O.M. Truth Over Magnitude" on 03. and 04. February 2020 in Klub Kwadrat in Krakow and Hybrydy in Warsaw, WURST has adapted the songs with his band for the stage and for live performances and will entertain with his fresh, electronic sounds.

In addition to the new songs, the audience also expects the new live show, which promises an even stronger concert experience supported by visuals.

"I wanted to be Céline Dion and after the Eurovision victory I was like a good president's wife and now I finally make the music I hear myself and I cannot wait to show my whole new program at Club Studio."

The album title "Truth Over Magnitude" not only stands for the first name of the multifaceted Austrian exceptional artist, who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria as Conchita. "Truth Over Magnitude" also means that WURST places authenticity above everything and uncompromisingly goes his own way. Following his inner compass, with WURST he dares to step away from the stage character Conchita towards art and creative development.

The electronic sounds, produced by Albin Janoska and composed and texted by Eva Klampfer ("Lylit"), are closer to Tom Neuwirth than the songs of the previous repertoire ever were, allow deep insights into his emotional world and prove, that his artistic realization is at the center of attention.

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