Blue Planet II - Live in Concert

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BBC Studios and FKP Scorpio Poland present:


The most spectacular sequences of the award-winning BBC Studios hit series Blue Planet II in 4K Ultra HD on a giant LED wall - live accompanied by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and choir under conductor Matthew Freeman.

With the music of Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and David Fleming for Bleeding Fingers Music.

Warszawa, October 7, 2019: Following the great successes of PLANET EARTH - LIVE IN CONCERT, FROZEN WORLDS - LIVE IN CONCERT and PLANET EARTH II - LIVE IN CONCERT with a total of 400,000 visitors in Germany alone, the live implementation of award-winning BBC nature documentaries goes on with BLUE PLANET II - LIVE IN CONCERT in spring 2020 in selected cities.

It all started around 20 years ago with a crew of natural filmmakers from the BBC Natural History Unit. They set out to shoot a series of films across the world's oceans - on an unprecedented scale: The unique recordings produced the award-winning series "The Blue Planet," which set new standards for sea documentaries in 2001.

A generation later, the camera crews dived again, giving viewers a completely new look at what is hidden beneath the sea surface. With breakthrough research and state-of-the-art technology, the BBC Studios-produced TV series is now revealing the latest discoveries. During the four-year production time for Blue Planet II, the teams ventured on 125 expeditions, traveled to 39 countries, filmed on every continent and in every ocean. They spent 6,000 hours on dives, 1,000 of them in submarines alone. Some of these expeditions were logistically comparable to travel to space - so much was the effort. At the same time, the camera crews encountered living beings who looked as alien as if they really came from another planet.

Revolutionary technology allowed insights that the creators of the predecessor series dared not dream of. Using endoscopic, low-light, drag and suction cameras, scuba robots and the latest underwater equipment, the camera crews ventured longer and deeper into the oceans than ever before. Not only were they able to enter new (underwater) worlds, but they also discovered new species and observed previously unknown behaviors of marine life.

The TV series, which aired on Polish TV for the first time in November 2017, takes viewers on a magical journey of discovery into a blue parallel world full of surprises and wonders.

BLUE PLANET II - LIVE IN CONCERT is a poignant mix of symphony concert and nature film!

The live adaptation "OUR BLUE PLANET II - LIVE IN CONCERT" shows a selection of the most spectacular scenes of the seven-part TV series on a huge LED screen - and takes the audience on a journey: from icy polar seas to pulsating coral reefs, from the mysterious deep sea to huge seaweed forests.

Accompanied and intensified in their intensity are the unique recordings of the congenial music of the Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and David Fleming. The renowned The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and a choir led by conductor Matthew Freeman will be performing the thrilling compositions live, creating a varied and highly moving world of sound.

"The idea is to depict the abundance of life as well as the movements and vibrations of the ocean. By using the orchestra in an unconventional way, we wanted to create ‘living’ chords that ebb and flow throughout the series”.

(Hans Zimmer)

"With the winning combination of a live symphony orchestra of 80 musicians and some of the most stunning underwater images ever seen, Blue Planet II Live in Concert brings together inspirational visuals with magnificent original music. It’s a moving experience and a privilege to conduct this unique concert.”

(Matthew Freeman)

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