TOM GREGORY // Three concerts in Poland in 2022

Tom Gregory will tour Poland for the first time next year

30.05.2022 Klub Studio, Krakow

31.05.2022 Klub Stodoła, Warsaw

01.06.2022 Stary Maneż, Gdańsk

Tom Gregory is no longer considered an insider tip. While the talented singer / songwriter is currently delivering one radio hit after the next and has made it into the loop with major international broadcasters such as BBC Radio (UK), his fan base continues to grow in this country too. Tom Gregory has now confirmed that he will start his European tour in early summer 2022.

Almost four years ago the young Brit released his first single "Run to you", which became one of the most played radio songs of 2018 and reached #26 in the airplay charts. The following singles "Losing Sleep", "Honest" and "Small Steps" achieved similar success. With “Fingertips” he made it to the top of the airplay charts for the first time and even achieved gold status in France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. “Never Let me Down”, created in cooperation with the DJ and producer duo VIZE, also conquered the chart throne in several countries.

With small but significant steps, Tom Gregory has managed to find his place in the music industry and build a loyal fan base. In September last year, his eagerly anticipated debut album “Heaven In A World So Cold” was finally released on the Hamburg music label Kontor Records. The record is honest, authentic and full of wonderful stories about the singer's life. He lets his listeners look deep inside him and expresses exactly what he really feels.

“I was always afraid of doing a job I hate. I was never worried about failing ”, said the musician himself about his album. How much passion he puts into his pop songs can be felt in every line. Tom Gregory has continued to develop since the release of his first single up to his debut album and created an unmistakable sound that casts a spell over you. With well over five million monthly Spotify listeners, a lot of charisma and his sonorous voice, the young Brit has always sung his way into the hearts of his fans. In the early summer of next year we can finally see Tom Gregory live on stage when he comes to Poland for an extended tour.

Tickets are available from Thursday 16th September at 11:00 here: Eventim