Dead Star Talk

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Dead Star Talk are moving fast. The quartet first thought of working together in December 2019. Despite the dreadful events, despair and tragedy which defined the following year, they began rehearsing in June 2020. Love Leash, Dead Star Talk’s driving, irresistibly anthemic first single is issued in March 2021. Its follow-up will arrive in May. Their debut album was recorded with Denmark’s legendary, Grammywinning Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen in October and December 2020 at his Copenhagen set up, Sweet Silence Studios. The plan was to record an EP but Flemming said they should make an album. Titled Too Many Too Much after the reflective, rolling second single it will be released in January 2022.

Dead Star Talk are Christian Buhl (vocals, acoustic guitar), Erik Jensen (bass), Günes Kocak (lead and electric guitar, vocals) and Claus Nielsen (drums, percussion). At various times – not necessarily the same time – all four had been members of Denmark’s velvet8ball, who formed in 2003. The band pushed forward as hard as they could, but there were lineup changes when members settled in different cities, different countries. Working from Copenhagen was no longer possible and velvet8ball called it a day in 2007. Then, in December 2019, there was a reunion. Talk turned not to picking it up again, but instead to forming a new band. Often, talk goes nowhere but this time it happened. Even with Christian now living in Hamburg and Günes, Erik and Claus in Copenhagen, it didn’t seem difficult. Dead Star Talk were off and running.

Moving fast? Yes. Dead Star Talk are not standing still. Unstoppable? Time will tell, but that’s how Christian, Erik, Günes and Claus see it. They won’t be sitting back to wait for the recognition which will obviously be coming. Pushing forward. That’s what Dead Star Talk is about.

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